Cyber crimes have quickly become one of the fastest rising forms of modern crime. According to cyber experts, approximately 1 million potential cyber attacks are attempted per day. To help mitigate this growth, businesses and corporations have been expanding their cybersecurity teams and efforts. Yet, in order to accurately identify potential hackers and/or attacks, cyber security teams should possess a firm understanding of who cyber criminals are, what techniques they use and what counter-initiatives can be implemented in order to protect and prevent future cyber crimes.

Any business with an online component or one that sends or stores electronic data might benefit from cyber insurance, as may any organization that relies on technology to conduct its operations, which is pretty much every business. There's also the potential for hackers to cripple a network with ransomware. A cyber insurance policy that also covers ransomware could go a long way to helping organizations that fall victim to attacks like this find a way out of the predicament. ​ A good cyber insurance policy should also include coverage for: Monitoring and notification – while some businesses may have a cyber-security system in place, smaller enterprises might benefit from a monitoring and notification set up so they can be aware of any changes in status. Insurers can sometimes provide this as part of their policy package.
Tripwire has taken its original host-based intrusion detection tool, which could simply detect changes to files and folders, and expanded it into a robust file integrity monitoring (FIM) solution, able to monitor detailed system integrity: files, directories, registries, configuration parameters, DLLs, ports, services, protocols, etc. Additional enterprise integrations provide granular endpoint intelligence that supports threat detection and policy and audit compliance. Years have been spent honing Tripwire Enterprise’s ability to detect and judge change with policy and security risk prioritization and integration refinements to achieve high value/low volume change alerts—helping even the smallest companies manage system configuration integrity, security and compliance. All this in a cloud-based solution for a lower cost and comes with support from Tripwire and Premier Federal engineers.
The goal of security awareness training is to arm your employees with the knowledge they need to combat cyber threats. Employees cannot be expected to know what threats exist or what to do about them on their own. They need to be taught what their employers consider risky or acceptable, what clues to look for that indicate threats, and how to respond when they see them. ​ Bad actors are getting smarter and more organized at their craft. Ransomware, Business Email Compromise (BEC), CEO Fraud, spearphishing, vishing... attack vectors are ever-evolving and you and your employees should be concerned. Having a security awareness program and a security-aware culture is a must. If you aren't having these conversations or programs, let us help...
Cybersecurity identifies the actions that need to protect against internal and external threats. While compliance identifies the actions. Companies need to ensure that their organization complies with applicable laws and regulations. As a result, IT security groups must consider training and security solutions that meet such mandates. Compliance requirements vary and can be imposed by law, regulatory bodies, and even private industry groups such as the Payment Card Industry. NIST, HIPPA, PCI, GDPR, SOX, NERC, FISMA & other Federal Mandates are part of our compliance offerings in both product and training. We help organizations in all industries address cybersecurity compliance challenges, let us help you...


When you take a holistic approach to protecting your company against cyber threats and malicious attacks you have to look at all options that can protect your entire organization from the front office to the back office and the IT department, no area can be left unprotected. The costs are too high and could put you out of business. Consider Shaw’s complete Cyber Coverage to protect your entire organization.